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File Description:Parallel Port Driver
Released Date:10/31/2001
Category:CD-ROM, CD ReWriter, Parallel
For O/S:Win2000, WinXP
User's Manual:
Installation Tips:RUN the install.bat file and See README.TXT
File To Download:phtw2kxp.exe

Comment:Two files, one is a self extracting file of the same zip file.

Work Around to install drivers.
MUST have administrator access to the registry to be able to merge the "pht.reg" file.

Click at the file icon to download, choose a tempory directory(e.g. c:\windows\temp) to save it. Because this is a self-extracting file you need to run it before you install the driver. We suggest that you read the Installation Tips and the Manual first. Any problem happens during the installation, you can always go to our OnLine Technical Supports site to find the help. If you have problem downloading the file, please contact our techsupport.