Portable Slimline Dual Layer PC Card DVD-+R/RW Drive. This Dual Format DVD Burner can be powered directly from PCMCIA port of your notebook. No External Power required! Its recording speed is 8X DVD-R/+R, 4X DVD-RW/+RW, burns up to 8.5GB. The slimline design and multifunctions amke it the best companion of your laptop on the road!

Bluetooth Class 1 V.90 Modem
EXP's new Bluetooth Class 1 V.90 Modem has 328 feet effective range. It provides a standard V.90 Modem for WAN communication and access to Internet. With a Bluetooth adapter, you can dial up to access the network via this device wirelessly. Bluetooth technology brings you more freedom and mobility; it allows you to mobilize your laptop, desktop or PDA within the effective range of this Bluetooth modem

PCMCIA Bluetooth Card
Bluetooth Class 1 PCMCIA Adaptor with Retractable Antenna. connection range up to 328 feet(100M)! You can find more EXP Bluetooth products at our Products section .

32X Portable CD-RW Station USB 2.0 or PC CARD $139
Slim Portable PC CARD 4X DVD Drive $129
USB direct link data bridge cable $39
PC Card 4-in-1 Flash Card Reader $59