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EXP Online technical support center!
Here you will find a wealth of helpful information about your EXP products and how to overcome any problems you might encounter with it. Your feedback will be very appreciated which will make this site more helpful.

Search Knowledge Base - Search FAQs, technical notes, installation tips, "What Driver",...etc.

Documentation - Manuals, release notes, and other additional docs.

Files Library - Download the latest drivers for EXP products. Not sure what driver to get, do a search for "What Driver".

S/W Mpeg2 Decoder - PowerDVD - Upgrade your PowerDVD V1.5 or V1.6 to V2.0.

FAQs - List of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Toshiba Portege 2000 users with EXP DVD Traveler and CDRW/DVD Combo Driv - Click here for update driver

CD-R and CD-RW FAQ? - Having problem buring your CD-R/CD-RW? Read this first!

Game Traveler Incompatible List - Due to the conflict of the I/O port, some of the notebooks are not compatible with the game port on HD Traveler and CDG series. The Game Traveler owner also need to download the latest driver(REV6.61), if you are having some joystick problem with your notebooks.

DVD Traveler Series Compatible List - See the latest update here, also click here to find out if your machine is supported by our latest DVD-780 with S/W MPEG2 decoder.

Broken Modem Cable? Click here to find out how to find the replacement cable.

Which Cellular Phones EXP Cellular Ready Modems Support? click here to find out.

Find out if your EXP PCMCIA product has. Parallel function built-in or not?

EXP 56K Modem V.90 Upgrade - Click here.

How to contact EXP Tech Support directly.
Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM Pacific Time
Phone: (909) 595-2046 Fax: (909) 595-9335
WWW: http://www.expnet.com
E-mail to Tech Support
Send a request form to Tech Support