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SoundNote S-16
PC Card 16 bit stereo sound card with built-in mono-speaker

SoundNote S-16 is a PCMCIA(PC Card) Sound card with 16-bit stereo output, mono microphone input, and stereo line-in input capabilities. The built-in mono speaker can play the sound without using an external speaker which is a perfect solution for mobile users!

SoundNote S-16 is compatible with Windows 3.x, 95, and 98.
May be a problem when used with another sound card.

    • Full Adlib, Sound Blast Pro compatible
    • Full Windows Sound System compatible
    • 16 bit stereo sound quality
    • ADPCM and ESPCM decompression
    • Yamaha YMF262 synthesizer using 4 operator modes with 20 voice full stereo
    • Volume control by manual or sound application software
    • Built-in microphone(MONO), External microphone jack provided
    • Built-in speaker(MONO) plus jack for external speaker(stereo)
    • Stereo line-in jack
    • Pop out speaker stand

  • Dimension: 75mm x 45mm x 16 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 oz
  • 16 bit sampling and playback: 8, 16 bit PCM 2KHz to 44.1KHz in stereo, ADPCM compression(2:1) and decompression(2:1, 3:1, 4:1)
  • Audio output: Output level: 11.5V Max
  • Controller Interface: PC Card (PCMCIA/JEIDA) interface
  • Half duplex

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