The Best Cross Country Routes for GPS Users

Trip a road trip with family or friends to some of the coolest destinations the US has to offer.

People who travel around the United States on a regular basis usually develop a certain route that they like taking more than others. They usually have a list of favorites that they look forward to traveling when the time comes to get out on the road again. There are certain routes that include historical monuments and other beautiful landscapes that many people enjoy looking at. There are plenty of photo opportunities on these routes as well. Here are just a few of some of most popular cross country routes when traveling for road trips.

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are a strand of little islands that protect the inner shore of North Carolina from the Atlantic Ocean. There are many different historical landmarks that are present there, one of the most popular being the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. There are plenty of little shops for tourists and the scenery – you just can’t be it. Route 12 has seen its fair share of hurricanes over the years and it shows in some of the roadwork that is continuously happening, but it’s a drive that you want to take while you are still able to do so. Once you get pass the Lighthouse, the road continues by ferry, which is an awesome experience.

Jackson, Wyoming to Glacier, Montana

This route is full of stunning landscapes. There are many different photo opportunities, giving you plenty of reason to stop and enjoy the view. There actual distance between these two towns is really short, however, with all the beautiful things to look at, it’s just better to drive slow and make a trip out of it. You’ll see tons of glaciers and geysers and even run right into Yellowstone National Park. You can see everything Big Sky Country has to offer.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This is another route that many people who love to travel the scenic route tend to go for. When you travel on the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll see tons of mountains and forests. During the 469 miles drive, there you will find two national parks within the Parkway. It is the most visited road controlled by the United States National Parks Service. I personally have travel the Parkway many times in my lifetime and the best time of the year to take a drive on the roads is when the seasons are changing from summer to fall and all the leaves start changing colors. There isn’t many other things in this world more beautiful than that landscape.

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is located in California and it is the longest highway in the state. It measures 653 miles long. There are plenty of things to see during the drive as well, from California staple cities such as Malibu to the Golden Gate Bridge, and to seeing the ever lovely Pacific coastline, there’s something for everyone during this trip. This is an excellent road to travel on two wheels. Bring your best motorcycle GPS and prepare to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Route 66

Traveling this route really makes your trip a special one. At over 2,500 miles long, Route 66 should be on everyone’s road trip bucket list. Before the Interstate was created, Route 66 was the quickest way to get from Chicago to Los Angeles, with the end of Route 66 ending at the Santa Monica Pier in California. Nowadays, Route 66 is more famous for the side attractions that are located just off the exit ramps, such as, Cadillac Ranch in Texas, the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle in Oklahoma, and a giant sculpture of Abraham Lincoln on a wagon in Illinois.

Choosing to use a GPS over a Phone

So with all this traveling going on, why would you want to purchase a GPS instead of using the navigation built into your phone? Because of what we just said – it’s a phone. Using the phone navigation hinders the driver if there is a need to make a regular or emergency phone call. During the call, you can still hear the navigation voice in the background, which is super annoying and can really confuse the driver. Also, the map will sometimes disappear from the screen during a call, which is really a problem, especially if the driver needs to see the map for a certain reason. If your a trucker, trust our advice and pick up a good truck GPS so you so low bridges, and regulated roads don't slow down your trip.

Having a GPS handy is really effective because there are no interruptions from the directions. GPS devices do not require data connections, so you’ll never have to worry about having cell reception. The maps that you would need are stored inside the GPS itself, not on some app on your smartphone that could potentially get deleted. Also, having the GPS solely for directions frees up your phone for not only phone calls, but for other things such as music or gaming, if you’re not the driver, that is. For traveling long distances across the country, using a GPS instead of your phone just makes more sense.