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Cameras are present in virtually every piece of technology that we used for social interactions. Phones, tablet, computers, all of the gadgets that influence our everyday lives, have ways to capture a visual moment and share them.

With advancements in technology, camera availability has increase, and prices of cameras capable of capturing high quality photos and videos have dropped. Normal people like you and me now have the ability to purchase cameras that can record beautiful video and images without breaking our bank account. These new technologies have opened new doors to people in hobbies and careers.

Websites where freelance photographers showcase and market their photos have gained popularity with the expansion of the web. Websites like YouTube that host professional and amateur video has brought fame and wealth to people who never dreamed of that sort of lifestyle. Young people have been able to quite their jobs and thrive financially on income from their blogs. If we have learned anything in the past 10 years, it is that the web is an abundant resource with countless entry points ready to be tapped.

It takes hard work and the right resources to succeed in today’s world. Whether you are trying to succeed in a photo/video oriented career, or just want to make sure you capture your next vacation as clear as possible, it is important to remember that not all cameras are created equal.

Finding the right camera for the environment that you intend to use it in is difficult. DSLRs, camcorders, vlogging cameras, and digital cameras are all extremely complex because each component influences the overall quality of the picture that it will capture. This may be intimidating for somebody shopping for a camera, because consumers usually don’t have the time to fully research and prepare themselves for the buying process.

This is where ExpNet can help. We have photography and videography experts in our network who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with our readers. Our camera reviewers have hands on experience with just about every camera on the market. They can tell you which cameras offer the most value, and which ones to avoid. Our hope is that our reviews and buying guides will help you navigate the camera market quicker and easier so that we can save you time for things that are more important.

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