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Whether it’s a morning commute to work, a weekend vacation to the beach, or a business trip that takes us to the other side of the world, we are constantly on the move. Because transportation is such a dominant part of our lives, companies pour money into research and development of products that make this activity more efficient. Think about advancements in transportation technology in the past 100 years. There are people on earth right now who were born when the Model T was the most popular car in America. Technology growth isn’t slowing down, either. You could make an argument that transportation technology has advanced as much in the past 5 years as it has in the previous 95 years. 5 years ago we were driving ultra modern, efficient vehicles with touchscreen navigation and computers. But today those same vehicles are driving themselves.

This exponential growth is observable in the gadgets that enhance our transportation experiences as well. GPS’s are able to optimize routes based on real time traffic data. Dashcams record higher quality video than cinematographers used just a short time ago. Radar detectors flex to any new bands that police forces develop. As wonderful as this rapid growth is, though, it does add complexity to the purchasing process.

Our goal, at ExpNet, is to keep track of all new transportation related technologies. We want to provide readers with the most up to date reviews of these products so that they will be completely informed as to how new products rank against the competition in terms of quality and effectiveness. We know that preparing for a trip is difficult enough, as it is. Our hope is that we can save you a few extra minutes by helping to expedite your product research. Check out our reviews, and let us know if you have any questions. Safe travels!

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