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Affordable Vlogging Camera

Each of us have a different way of determining the overall value of a product. Some of us have finite funds that need to be spread across multiple domains of a video blogging production. Spending all of our money on a camera wouldn’t make sense because underfunded aspects of the production would prevent the video from reaching its full potential. For many of us, purchasing a cheap vlogging camera and using excess cash on other things like editing software, lighting, marketing, etc, can actually increase the overall quality of the vlog. For those of us who place higher importance on price, a budget vlogging camera might actually offer more value than a more expensive counterpart.

An affordable vlogging camera doesn’t necessarily have lower quality hardware than a more expensive competitor. The best camera manufacturers are able to reduce costs by stripping unneeded features from their products, while not sacrificing quality of core components like the lenses or image sensor. For example removing Bluetooth or Wifi from a camera can greatly reduce the cost of a high-end camera, while not affecting its recording capabilities. This is what our experts look for when determining the best cheap video blogging cameras.

ExpNet videography experts have thoroughly reviewed the best vlogging cameras under 200 dollars and have put together a list of their top rated products. Our experts recommend any product on this list, not just as a great vlog camera for beginners, but also as a perfect option for anybody who is simply looking for vlogging cameras cheap. We know that cameras in general are complex and difficult to shop for if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Our hope is that we can help you make an intelligent decision efficiently and get the most value for your dollar.

Affordable Vlogging Camera Reviews
Top 5 Comparison Table

Rank Product Price
1 FITFORT - 4K Action Cam
FITFORT - 4K Action Cam
2 Kimire - 1080P Camcorder
Kimire - 1080P Camcorder
3 Abule - 4k Camcorder
Abule - 4k Camcorder
4 Onshowy - 1080P Camcorder
Onshowy - 1080P Camcorder
5 Sunlea - 1080P Digital Vlogging Camera
Sunlea - 1080P Digital Vlogging Camera

Cheap Vlogging Camera Reviews
Top 5 Comparison Reviews

FITFORT - 4K Action Cam

Perhaps the most noticeable aspect in using the FITFORT Action Camera is its versatility, as it is tailor-made for movement and a plethora of diverse environments. Its small size and waterproof case helps limit impact from the elements, and is a very difficult camera to break. It is an extremely forgiving device in that it can take a reasonable pounding from both weather and strenuous handling and forge on with ease. A marvel of aesthetic beauty while topping our reviews of the best inexpensive vlogging camera, this is the most affordable camera for your video blog under $200.

Stylish in its sleek design, a 2 inch LCD screen is adorned with a glossy black finish that is pleasant to the eye.  Even though its structure is almost half the size of other cameras at this price point, it is still a smooth process to operate and is practical for travel. The fact that it is not bulky also makes it more advantageous to install on various stands and accessories, be it helmets, straps, or otherwise.

The FITFORT's 4K picture at 25FPS captured from such a simple little device is incredible and enough to make even picky camera snobs blush. With video resolutions of 720P/120FPS, 1080P/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS, and 2.7K/30FPS, in addition to its wondrous 4K abilities, quality can range from cinematic movie to guerilla style footage.  It offers a virtual buffet for each user to pick and choose which frame rate will best align with the photographer's personality.  Moreover, it's no-nonsense approach to securing media makes it fast to learn and even those inexperienced or intimidated by technology can point and click minutes later.

A 12MP camera component ensures that every snap is clear and free of blur and reflection.  Consistency shot to shot is often coveted by die-hard hobbyists, and this action camera delivers this reliability without breaking a sweat.  The ultra wide lens has a refreshing 170 degree radius so scenic areas and large scale projects can be handled fluently.

The power supply is sufficient for hours away from an electric source, with two 1050mAh rechargeable batteries providing uninterrupted recording life for 90 minutes. A nice bonus is that the longevity of the charge can be extended with a screensaver setting that can be calibrated to 1, 3, or 5 minutes. While in the thick of using it, it does not feel as though it will run out of juice before you accomplish your goals with it.

One of the most interesting abilities of the FITFORT is how 'installation-friendly' it is, since a wireless remote control gives users the opportunity to take the reigns through various activities. Whether it is something on the ground like hiking, skiing and biking, or as thrill-seeking as bungee jumping, having this affordable vlogging camera placed on a helmet can accommodate for adrenaline-fueled shots. The 2.4G wrist remote is convenient for timely access no matter the exercise, and 33 feet of range control is plenty to govern its tasks.

Equally as appealing is the FITFORT's competence on water as well as land. Dazzling content can be obtained swimming and boating, and with the use of a waterproof case, it can withstand depths up to 100 feet to bring the magic under the sea to its LCD screen. Particularly fun is pairing it with snorkeling to give a YouTube audience a cool perspective of life underwater.

Android and iOS devices pair seamlessly with the FITFORT, and manipulating its controls directly from your phone or tablet is effortless and headache-free after WiFi incorporation and is super easy to upload to YouTube or a blog. Scanning the QR code on the camera's manual for the EZ iCAM app puts the shooter seconds away from managing their galleries of photos and videos. The organization of each file is straight-forward, and searching for a specific capture is a breeze.

A bonus upon acquiring the FITFORT is an accompanying travel bag that is free. As if that weren't enough, it is filled with helpful tools like lens caps, straps, cords, and mounting devices. In all, 19 accessories fill the bag.  It guarantees that users have an arsenal to take glorious photo and video that can be packed up and transported in a matter of moments. Set up and break down are crucial to avid photographers because shooting environments vary and occasionally require a more speedy process. The FITFORT provides this comfortably so a person's focus can be on what is in front of the camera instead of outside distractions.

Calling the FITFORT an 'action camera' is an apt title since it works so fluidly in high-paced circumstances. That is not to say it isn't just as impressive stationary, but its bread and butter is being able to flex its muscle in gaining quality captures anywhere at anytime. Because it is budget conscious and provides comparable attributes and features to cameras three times its price tag, it is an engaging and effective unit that brings clear, immersive images home with you without breaking the bank. This unit is much more than a cheap vlogging camera, and is a fantastic option for those beginners looking to start a video blog.

Kimire - 1080P Camcorder

Cost-conscious technology and quality are two things that are typically not uttered in the same phrase, but luckily the Kimire HD Recorder is a worthy exception. The device itself is easy to forget while carrying, with its light weight and manageable size being a perfect attribute if you are frequently on the move. It slides into any bag but is just big enough where it doesn't give the impression that it is too delicate to operate. The buttons give a firm 'click' when pressed, which is ideal to let you know the action you want has been executed. Dont' think for a second this unit qualifies as a cheap vlogging camera due to a lack of quality of the hardware and features.

A classic black and silver motif goes well with the vlogger-ready LCD flip screen that has the ability to rotate 270 degrees. A fill-in infrared LED light makes dim settings a non-issue. Upon handling the Kimire, comfort is your first thought as its 2.2 inch width and 5 inch length fit snugly in the palm of your hand. The pad that secures your fingers can be adjusted if you want increased autonomy lifting it up and down.

One of my favorite things about this budget Kimire Digital Camcorder is that it exemplifies a bang for your buck at this price point with its specs. The digital zoom is 16X, and a ceiling of 24 megapixels is more than enough to snap a quality shot. The CMOS image sensor is accurate and effortless. The menu is its 'home base,' where it is a seamless interface to navigate to features like resolution, movie size (FHD 1920X1080) and video mode. The playback button allows you to browse through shots you have saved as well. To provide an idea of how succinct its panel is, only 5 buttons inhabit the side of the camera. It beckons use due to its user-friendliness alone.

A 3.7V 1200 lithium battery is rechargeable, and a full 8 hours on the dock can sustain uninterrupted use for almost 3 hours. This can be maximized with the help of the power-off function which is automatic and saves juice you may need for later. Face capture is a highlight of the Kimire, and the speaker and internal microphone clearly gathers and distributes crystal clear audio if close enough. This model cannot support an external mic however, so if you plan on bringing it into the fold for your daily vlogging, having a controlled, quiet space is recommended.

Adaptability is no sweat, as the camcorder has TV outputs for NTSC and PAL. A USB port 2.0 can also transfer your treasures onto a computer, with minimal operating system requirements (even Windows 2002 is compatible). The AV and USB jacks are found at the rear of the camera with a thin panel that pops off. Sorting through pictures is a fun way to pass the time when you are not shooting, but especially rewarding is viewing your high definition videos on the big screen.

The Kimire opens itself up for inexpensive expansion as well. A standard, bare-bones tripod is a logical extension of the camera for solidifying steady shots. Even without this accessory however, an 'anti-shake' component is serviceable to the cause. It also uses SD/MMC cards for storage, giving generous room with 4GB to even 32GB so your precious captures are never lost. When it becomes inevitable to use an SD card, follow the simple steps included in the guide to format it to the camera. This is not an intimidating process and takes no time to get the hang of it for future storage swaps.

Likely the most appealing aspect about the Kimire camera in regards to vlogging is that it is designed with amateurs in mind. This mindset goes against the grain in not tailoring the device to extensively experienced videographers, but rather curious and creative minds that need a little reassurance with the technology. If you are a beginner to the vlog world and to the video documentation scene, this camcorder serves as a paint by numbers solution that minimizes the amount of errors that can interrupt your journey. The device itself does not have very many buttons, and even the bottom of this model has merely a tripod interface and battery and memory card slots.

The Kimire camcorder is made with surprisingly high-grade materials with the vlogger in mind, and makes the most out of your dollar with every photo and video you take. With 1080P capture capability it can make even novice vloggers just starting out look like pros with unrivaled clarity. Generating quality content is a must for everyone enthusiastic about their art, and the Kimire grants you peace of mind by being an admirable partner in crime in gathering output. This is arguably the best camcorder on the market today for a budget vlog or YouTube channel.

Abule - 4k Camcorder

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to cameras, and never is this more accurate than with the Ablue 4K HD Camcorder. Though the device mimics an aesthetic from yesteryear as far as its style, it is a powerful model that incorporates a plethora of advanced features that make vlogging a fluent and engaging process all at a cheap and affordable price point.

The Ablue Camcorder has a rectangular like shape that is black and gray and has a traditional interface. To the naked eye, you would not expect that it can add a detachable wide angle lens. A 3.0 LCD screen has leeway to rotate 270 degrees to align the shot in awkward settings, or merely reflect the light differently. An adjustable finger pad rounds out the general framework and encompasses an easy to manage and carry model.

Of course what it displays on the outside is really just window dressing to the specs it harbors inside. The Ablue records magnificent 4K 2880x2160 quality content at 24FPS.  This frame rate is beautiful to the eye and garners amazingly clear visuals that are not the slightest bit distracting. 1/10sec to 1/2650 sec shutter speed is a decorative way of stating that your captures are conducted with unbelievable precision. In fact, strong, normal and soft levels of sharpness grant you full calibration authority. 3 self timer options is also a crucial component to use if shooting solo. These are features that a typical budget vlogging camera doesn't have.

The aforementioned wide angle lens is built precisely for that; to have everything you are viewing in real time occupied on the viewfinder. Conversely, the Macro lens is ideal for enhanced detail and photography that relies on nuance to appreciate. Infrared night shot is a slick, underused little feature that looks just as clean as snaps taken during the day time.  White balance can be adjusted to tungsten and fluorescent light, and even cloudy conditions if applicable.

A rechargeable lithium battery lasts about two and a half hours when taking photos, and about 90 minutes shooting video. It is easy to be fooled into thinking that this is not enough time to gather worthwhile shots, but keep in mind they are being recorded to the memory card at extremely high quality resolutions. No matter the camera you use, this is the necessary trade off. That said, with integrated WiFi, a snap and upload to Youtube can literally take place in minutes.

Storage is always an integral component to avid photographers, and the device is SD/SDHC/TF card compatible. A colossal 64GB can be saved if you are so inclined to obtain that caliber of card.  Upon downloading the NovaCam app, WiFi connectivity is acquired to transfer and download your files across numerous platforms at will. Additionally, these interlinked devices can act as a virtual remote control for the Ablue so you can snap photos from multiple sources.

Something to mention that frequently stumps relatively inexperienced vloggers is that they often think the quality on the screen will match what is displayed on a computer of TV.  This is an inaccurate assessment. Even though the LCD screen is a clean capture, it is not how 4K quality is intended to be viewed. The Ablue HD Camcorder is a model that delivers its performance with the help of additional compatible components. Just as listening to music sounds less clear on a pair of earbuds than some tricked out headphones, the same is true of photo and video not being represented through the highest medium. The HDMI output on the camcorder is your bridge to visual utopia. 4K video is a marvel and looks infinitely more impressive given the tool being used to display it.

It would be careless to not point out that the Ablue is not just affordable in this space, but is also a bit of a starter pack for vlog minded patrons with all that comes with the camera. Beyond just the wide angle lens, a AV/USB cable, HDMI cable, and charger are all inside, and carried around with convenience in an included bag. In short, it is easy to pack up and move swiftly while ensuring everything you need is by your side.

The Ablue 4K HD Camcorder is a pleasant find because it is not so low in cost that it compromises quality, but not so high that it destroys your budget as well. Paired with a standard tripod, it becomes a fully equipped ensemble that can add confidence and limitless capability to an eager video blogger. With 48MP interpolation and 4K power, it is proficient at transforming small images to a bigger screen without altering the integrity of the content itself, perfect for computer and TV screens alike. Overall, it's a wonderful option for a vlogging camera under $200.

Onshowy - 1080P Camcorder

Referring to the Onshowy Camera as a handycam is applicable, as it is helpful for an abundance of capture types like video blogging, landscapes, and portraits. It is also not overly expensive while still being able to provide an impressive array of features that compare admirably to high ticket cameras.

The Onshowy is almost fully black, sprinkled with a little silver throughout, and is surprisingly slim for a camera. With only five buttons on the main panel, it is a device that lends itself to fast learning. A 3.0 inch LCD touchscreen fully supports 270 degrees of rotation if you are aiming to shoot high or low angles and need to adjust your viewpoint. A nice touch is that the menu supports multiple languages, including Spanish, Italian, German, French and Russian along with English to encompass a broad range of potential videographers.

The technology itself proudly boasts dazzling 1080P video, to display amazing quality either on Youtube or for your own personal vlog. The digital zoom of 16X is remarkably clear even at its max, and there is also the sleek inclusion of night vision shooting with an infrared light. Taking shots of cities and wide angle friendly settings look terrific in the dark, and even portrait snaps have a level of detail a lot of competitors do not have in dim lighting. Finally, with a 24MP camera, sharp photographs that enhance your portfolio are only a click away. Anti-shake technology, accurate face monitoring, and a self timer all compliment your expertise.

Immediately of value to a passionate vlogger is its external microphone that mounts on top of the camera. This is a prized contribution, as most lower end camcorders do not have this extension, particularly at this price point. In fact, the mic itself deserves more attention due to the fact that its quality is nothing to scoff at. Windproof cotton covers the base to drown out distracting ambience, and the pickup sensitivity switch and power indicator will notify the user as to its status at all times. There is also a 3.5mm audio output cable for the mic to connect to another sound device, which makes a complete audio hub when paired with its recording capabilities. Most exciting is that the microphone has 60 hours of battery life, rendering it ready for numerous shoots. The NCR pickup and mic input can handle noise reduction to amplify sound effects as well.  The standard hot shoe mount is easy to take on and off, if different environments do not require its use.

The amount of storage on SD/SDHC compatible cards ranges from 4GB up to 32GB, so you will never run out of backup space, especially on location. Note that an SD card will need formatting before use with the camera. A mini USB 2.0 output provides an uncomplicated method to take your shots off the camera and place them on either a PC or TV. Moreover, the camcorder supports the ability to dictate its actions through remote control, which is painless to set up.

Two lithium batteries are included to power up the camera and can be charged and recharged again close to 3,000 times, limiting the replacements you will have to obtain.

The Onshowy is specifically designed to be handheld, meaning it emphasizes a lightweight, skinny frame on purpose to provide maximum portability. A working/charging light will notify you of its idle status and guarantee that it is consuming juice from the battery properly.

Make no mistake, this is a camera aimed at those looking to hone their photography skills, not top them off. It is built with amateurs in mind, allowing them room to grow as an artist with practice along with the help of some invaluable features. The biggest compliment that can be paid to this model is that it embraces multiple age groups young and old while simultaneously delivering superb results.

In my experience, the Onshowy camcorder is one of the fastest devices to use from capturing footage to having it uploaded on multiple platforms from beginning to end. This is because the menus are basic and do not allow you to get lost in several confusing specifications that do not apply to your skill level. The incorporation of the microphone is what makes the unit stand out overall, because alternative cameras at this cost simply do not have the means to provide clear audio. If you plan to gather ambient noise and especially crystal clear dialogue, it is a wise tool to use in your favor. Ultimately, this is a great cheap vlogging camera for beginners that we highly recommend.

Sunlea - 1080P Digital Vlogging Camera

This Sunlea video camera is one of the newest additions to our list as it has only been on the market since early 2018. The affordable price tag makes it a very attractive option for those on a budget, as does the addition of some very cool features. We found this to be the best vlogging camera under $200, however as expected with the low price there are also features that under perform in a few key areas. Overall we found it is a good option for beginners looking for a cheap vlog camera capable of shooting some great videos.

The first thing you'll notice about this camera is that it has a basic, but attractive case that feels like a throwback to some of the early SLRs. Weighing in just over 1 lbs., it's relatively solid in your hands but it's not overly large or heavy. These are nice touches for vloggers who want a multipurpose item that can easily accompany them on the road. Weight is such an important determinant of portability since long days of shooting can cause tired and shaky hands that even the best image optical stabilizers can’t smooth out.

The 3" flip screen performs admirably enough and can also be flipped down if you prefer not to use it when you're taking photographs. The 180-degree swivel feature is a useful and practical tool in today's world of vlogging, and this will make it much easier to show your audience everything that's happening around you. The ability to purchase an inexpensive vlogging camera with a flip screen is something that our team really enjoyed the option of having. Flip screens are often found on higher end models, yet rarely on affordable vlogging DSLR’s or budget cameras. The importance of being able to see what you’re filming, especially for beginners, is critical to keeping yourself or your subjects centered in the focal length. Without this you’ll often find your filming to be off center or worst case completely out of sight.

The built-in speaker is adequate for vlogging in quiet areas, but the audio capabilities of this vlog camera are average at best. On top of that, you cannot attach an external microphone to improve the audio quality. This isn't necessarily unexpected in a camera that retails for less than $200, but it may prove to be inadequate for your vlog needs depending on the type of video you plan to shoot. If your style features fast moving action filming we found it might be difficult to pick up all of your audio. We would love to see SUNLEA include an external microphone jack in the future as we think it would greatly improve the cameras functionality.

I think we can all agree that anything less than 1080p seems antiquated these days. SUNLEA brings the goods in this spec category by including the option to film yourself in high-def 1920x1080 at 15 frames per second (fps). We found this provides fantastic results if you are filming in a well-lit area. You can also achieve 30fps instead if you opt to reduce your overall output to 720p or 480p, a great option for any budget vlogging camera.

You won't get the same type of high-def performance you can expect from a higher end vlog camera, but if you need a budget friendly option, this one should be more than suitable. It is worth noting, however, that many current model smartphones can meet the quality that's offered by this SUNLEA product in terms of high-def capabilities.

Aside from the basic flash capability for photos, this unit includes a retractable flashlight to help you shoot videos in low-light areas. We found this feature is a nice addition, and it works relatively well. Therefore, if you want to shoot your vlogs without needing external lighting, this camera may be the right choice. While it might not have the aperture specs of a high-end camera or the same results of an expensive external light, we think this trade-off is worthwhile for those on a budget.

SUNLEA boasts that this vlogging camera has a useful list of special features, including anti-shake, smile capture, face detection and beauty face. But do these features actually work?

When testing this product, we found that the anti-shake function is pretty basic and didn’t live up to the hype. Without a tripod, you're still likely to deal with issues related to shakiness. Beauty face, face detection and smile capture are intended to seek out faces and make them as clear as possible. These features do make a bit of a difference, but overall, they're not very noteworthy.

The rechargeable Lithium ion battery that powers this unit leaves a lot to be desired. You'll need to charge it frequently or invest in extra batteries if you want to get a lot of life out of this camera.

SUNLEA appears to have made this vlog camera with new users in mind. However, this didn't prevent the manufacturer from throwing in a few bells and whistles for more advanced users. You can leave the camera on the auto setting and let it make adjustments for you or you can take control by going into the few manual settings.

White balance, aperture and ISO can be adjusted as needed, and the camera has a 4x optical zoom. The body offers a photo quality of up to 24MP, and it comes with a bonus UV lens attachment. There are also preset shooting modes you can choose from, including Sport, Night, Portrait, Landscape, Backlight, Party and Beach. All these features are great on a vlog camera for beginners, but will leave more desired for an experience user.

Aside from the camera, you'll receive a handy neck strap and wrist strap. This is a great option for those that film on-the-go as they’re more likely to accidentally drop the camera, as we all know happens more often than we would like to admit. There's also a rechargeable battery, a second lens, an adapter, a USB cable for easy uploading to YouTube, as well as a one-year warranty.

As previously mentioned, this item from SUNLEA provides good results for beginners looking for an affordable vlogging camera with flip screen and for those that need to stick to a low budget. However, if you have the money available to choose between this and a camera with improved anti-shake technology, an external microphone option and a better battery life, we would recommend upgrading to the next price tier.