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In our modern society, time is money. The additional hour that it takes to travel to a destination is another hour we could have spent working or spent with our family. There are countless things that most we would rather be doing, then driving, which is why we get so irritated when we get stuck in traffic or miss a turn.

Fortunately, the Global Positioning System (GPS) was invented. It has dramatically increased the efficiency that we travel and has reduced the stress that we feel when we travel. There is no longer a need to prepare for a trip anymore. When we are ready to travel to our destination, we just plug in the address and follow the route that is generated for us. When we inevitably miss a turn, there is no need for panic anymore because GPS’s are able to recalculate a new route in seconds. We don’t even have to know where we are going. If we need to stop at a gas station, we can easily search for the nearest one, follow the new route to our temporary stop, and continue towards our ultimate destination when we are done. I believe that GPS’s are one of the single most important transportation related technological advancements in the past 25 years.

Many of us have GPSs on our phones, which alleviates the need to purchase a dedicated GPS unit. But there are certain situations that a phone GPS doesn’t perform well, which is why there is still demand for standalone GPS products. Phones use data to navigate, so people who rely on navigation every day might not want to spend the extra money for unlimited data. Since phone GPS’s use data, they don’t work whenever your phone doesn’t have a signal. So people who travel in remote areas require dedicated GPS’s. There are many more situations that prefer standalone GPS’s, which is why we chose to review these products. ExpNet transportation and tech experts have reviewed the top rated GPS’s in various categories. They have published their findings to provide readers with a strong selection of products to begin their own research. Check out our GPS reviews. And always remember that if you have any questions we encourage you to reach out.

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