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The internet provides limitless opportunities to share information on any imaginable subject. While articles, infographics, and other static media will always remain popular, it is a widely known fact that a video is actually the most effective way to share information. In modern times, if we want to learn how to tie a necktie or perform and oil change, we go straight to YouTube. If we want to get in shape, we pull up workout videos from our favorite fitness influencers. And, if we have a few minutes of spare time to kill, we check out opinions from video blog personalities we follow.

Think about the videos that you have watched recently, and try to pinpoint characteristics that made it appealing to you. Of course the content of the video is important, but what about the technical aspects of the video? Was it a crisp picture? How clear was the audio? These are important things to consider if you decide you want to record your own video.

Research has made it clear to us that, aside from content, audio and video quality are the most important factors that drive an audience’s opinion of a video. Search YouTube for any how-to video and you can confirm this yourself. I can almost guarantee that the top result will have a bright high quality picture and loud clear sound. This is the reason why it is so important to pick the best vlogging camera for you video blog. Because the difference between the right camera and the wrong camera, may also be the difference in whether your video goes viral or gets buried. Video blogging cameras are built with advanced technical components. It takes commitment to learn how each specification influences quality. That’s where ExpNet would like to help. Our network contains many photography and videography experts. We review vlogging cameras in various categories and share our top picks and recommendations. Combine insights from our buying guide with our reviews to guide you to select the best vlogging camera for your next video.

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